Announcement: Purse is Partnering with Mycelium

Making New Friends


Working tirelessly week after week, our commitment to introducing bitcoin to the masses remains unrelenting. However, trying to educate the entire globe on the benefits that bitcoin and digital currencies will bring to the world is quite the task; and, it should come to no surprise that reaching 7+ billion people on this planet is no small effort.

Luckily, bitcoin continues to grow exponentially; not only in price, but also in value-added services. Partnering with wallet services in particular, like Mycelium, are a great way for individuals to get introduced to bitcoin. Mycelium is a trusted wallet service used by many all over the world; and, one with an impressive user base.

Got Bitcoin, Now What?

Wallet services play a crucial part in the onboarding of new users. Once someone has purchased bitcoin from a Mycelium Local Trader, ATM, Coinbase, or other service, they’ll need to eventually use those funds to truly understand the power of what it is they now possess.

Partnering with Purse provides the company Mycelium a revenue stream, enabling them to continually deliver new features and integrations to their users. At the same time, users in the Mycelium app can now be directed to value-adding platforms like Purse where they spend their bitcoin and shop for goods at a discount.

New users in bitcoin have to learn how to best utilize and secure their digital wealth, newfound partnerships like these ensure we can educate as many future bitcoin evangelists as possible.😀

This partnership will go live in the coming weeks, and users of the Mycelium wallet will be able to discover Purse right from the Mycelium mobile app; with the potential for deeper integrations in the future as we continues to expand our service.