A Cheaper Easter Holiday Using Purse

Basket Full of Savings..


One of the best parts of the Easter holiday, is the fact that you get another holiday where you can rationalize eating as much candy as you’d like. What better way to to shrug off the guilt from your continually growing waistline, than by thinking twice about how much you’re spending this year out of your own pocket?

Easter is this Sunday, and online retailers will likely be pulling off all the stops in order to off their best discounts to entice as many shoppers as possible leading into sunny days of Spring. But at Purse, there are discounts everyday.

Part of celebrating any holiday, the right way, is by preparing yourself accordingly with all the necessary decorations and supplies so that you and your family can make the most out of the occasion. Buying things like decorative tinsel, plastic eggs, easter baskets, stuffed animals, and candy can really add up each year for the Easter holiday.

Buying all of these essentials on Purse with bitcoin will save you time (and money), allowing you to avoid crowded stores during the busy holiday seasons so you can spend more with family. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and buy a giant storage bin to store all of your decorations for reuse next year; allowing you to be even more frugal, so you can afford even more candy.

Storing your discounted holiday goods will save you more over the long-term, and you can always freshen up your decor each year on Purse, at a discount.

Cheaper Sweet Treats & More

From your favorite Easter treats and candy like Cadbury, Kinder, Lindt — to great seasonal styles for your kids. With our Name Your Discount and Buy Now features, no matter where you are on the globe, you can take advantage of discounted holiday shopping from Amazon — and you can even have the items forwarded to you almost anyone on the globe with our partner USendHome.

And, it’s not just candy/food and clothes that people are buying during this holiday; millions and millions of dollars are spent each year, in the U.S. alone. Imagine the combined savings if we all opted to use bitcoin, and Purse, for a few our transactions?

This year, the Easter Bunny is bringing savings with your pastel colored boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, and savings.

(Statista) Average U.S. expenditures for Easter holiday in 2016: https://www.statista.com/statistics/296104/easter-expenditure-in-the-us-by-item/

We’ve done some of the hard work for you, and compiled some necessary items to get you started on saving money this year with our curated “Easter Gift Ideas” category.

Here’s a few items to add to your Name Your Discount wishlist, or to purchase with Buy Now and ensure you’re saving while celebrating this year, and next.

  • Easter Baskets: Don’t just get rid of those baskets this year, buy them with bitcoin, and save them! You can donate them to a local church to be used for community sponsored Easter Egg hunts, or to be used for gift baskets for those without a family to celebrate during the holiday.
  • Giant Stuffed Animals: Nothing is cuter than giant oversized bunny rabbits with massive floppy ears. They’re obnoxious, adorable, and the kids will love them.
  • Plastic Easter Eggs: Planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt, with bitcoin paper wallets and candy inside them? Of course you are! So, save yourself money for next year after all the eggs have been drained of their sugary/monetary goodness, and reuse them for next year’s hunt. Sustainability!