FannyPack: Unzipping the Future of Purse

A New Beginning

When Purse began in 2014, we had one mission: Make Bitcoin Useful. Not only can you browse and discount shop from one of the largest marketplaces in the world, you get so much more. You also get the satisfaction of being a savvy, sensible, purveyor of fine deals on the internet; spending one of the most magical forms of currency the internet can provide – bitcoin.

With community relations in a flux and tensions at an all time high during the ongoing scaling debate, we need a beacon of hope. That’s why we’re taking this sensitive time in bitcoin’s history to position ourselves accordingly. No longer will critics be able to poke fun at our brand, joking that Purse is not “masculine” sounding enough. We laugh at you, internet trolls, for we’ve entered a new age of millennial innovation and acceptance. We believe in gender neutrality, standing strong, together — attached figuratively at the hip.

Following a very productive afternoon marathon of Rugrats reruns, flipping pogs, and reminiscing back on the 90s as a whole in our acid-washed overalls, we knew what had to be done.

Purse is very proud to announce we’re rebranding, as of today, to “FannyPack”

As FannyPack, we plan to adopt the mantra of those brave and dedicated individuals who wear one everyday, with a straight face. Our FannyPack, will carry the burden of bitcoin’s scaling tensions, right on our side. A constant reminder of the work we must do in order to continue aiding the world in creating financial systems for the future! 

When you wear a fanny pack, you leave your hands free to do all sorts of things; like change the world. Inside of our pack will be all of our endless grit and resolve, our passion for world-changing technologies, and all the built up negativity that has amassed during the ongoing scaling debate. Nothing will stop FannyPack on its mission to bring discount bitcoin shopping solutions all over the globe — and we’ll do it all while listening to our favorite mixed cassette tape, too.

Well, that’s all! Fanny out! You’ll notice this new branding going live across social media today while we prepare our company for these major changes over the weekend. And, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Fanny Pack (of course you do), check out the video below made by a fan of the pack life!

April Fools! Purse isn’t changing! We actually love our name! Though the name Purse pales in comparison to the power of a brandname like FannyPack, we still think we’re cool. 😎