Feature Update: Improvements to Adding Tracking Info

Adding Tracking Info

As always we’re continually working hard with each release to make your Purse online shopping experience with bitcoin a breeze. A key component of our platform are our Earners; the individuals who are liquidating gift card balances and completing your purchases so you can enjoy your discounts.

When you place an order with a wishlist, previously we only allowed Earners the ability to put one Tracking Number per Order ID. However, some orders often come with multiple Tracking Numbers, so we’ve improved the frontend to allow Earner’s to more easily submit all of your tracking information. This will make your discount shopping experience even easier as you can now more accurately track each item in a large order from the site, and soon on the mobile apps as well.


Always Improving

These enhancements should aid in reducing confirmation time for Shoppers placing orders, allowing Earners’ to complete their orders and receive funds faster.

Discount shopping is an art, our Product Designers and Software Engineers, they paint on a fine easel with the only the most luxurious of acrylic to deliver you seamless experiences.

Oh, and we also recently added support for Google logins during sign-up — incase you didn’t notice. Tightened up the visuals a little on the page too, we think it looks spiffier. 👍