Gift Giving: 4 Luxuries for Crypto Lovers

Spoil Friends and Family


You’ve been to the mall (people still do that?); you’ve scoured countless online catalogs and Pinterest, yet you still can’t find the right gift for your crypto-obsessed loved ones (or for that matter, one you can afford, we tech geeks like expensive toys).

But, don’t worry! Breathe! 

Sure buying things for your friends and family can be hard, especially when you’re on a budget. At Purse, we want to help make your gift-buying easier, so we’ve gathered some great gift ideas for those close to you in your life who might be in need of a Birthday/Anniversary/”I made you mad, but please don’t be mad at me for always checking the bitcoin prices” – gift.

To get you started, we’ve got 4 suggestions to get your brain churning on a few little luxuries to bless your favorite crypto-nerd with.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 $40 vs $42 on Amazon, or save 15% or more  with Name your Discount

Your crypto lover checking their phone too much to look at prices? Buy them this Raspberry Pi kit, and have them build their own price ticker instead. Perhaps buy multiple, and install them in every room of your house. That’s fine, we won’t judge, that’s a brilliant idea — go crazy.

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PizzaCraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven


In the bitcoin world, we love memes — and we also love Pizza. When working in this fast paced industry, it’s hard to find a day off. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time. One of the most notable bitcoin related holidays is Bitcoin Pizza Day: celebrating the time some guy spent 10,000 Bitcoin on a pizza (Bitcoin price is ~$2700 at the moment, do the math…that’s a lot of Pepperoni). Don’t let your love one make the same mistake, with this they can make their own pizza, and HODL.

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Viking Biometric Security Safe


Viking Biometric Security Safe  PURSE.IO-  $238 VS $250 on Amazon, OR SAVE 15% OR MORE  WITH NAME YOUR DISCOUNT

If your crypto lover is savvy, they likely take their personal information security very important. That means they likely backup and store the majority of their riches offline (when they aren’t spending them on Purse, of course). In order to keep those paper wallets safe, you’re going to want a fireproof safe to ensure they remain protected (always important to have redundant copies though, don’t forget). With the added convenience of biometric scanning, it makes getting to your riches quick, protected by your midas touch ;).

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Asutra Muscle & Joint Relief


Asutra Muscle & Joint Relief, $23 VS $25 on Amazon OR SAVE 15% OR MORE  WITH NAME YOUR DISCOUNT

Does your crypto lover have carpal tunnel? Are they close from constantly checking CoinMarketCap and clicking refresh? Well get them a jar of this to have offhand, you know, for when the bitcoin price flash crashes suddenly and you can’t pry your friend/loved one away from their phone/computer. Also, it’s great for headaches caused by the on-going bitcoin block-size debate.

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On Your Own

There you have it, if none of these work – well, you figured out to how to buy bitcoin, you’re smart. You’ll figure it out, we have faith in you. And remember, Purse can give you the best savings on all your gift-buying, and more. If you haven’t already, sign-up and try us out, today.