Introducing Merchant Storefronts, Ratings & More

Time to Open Shop

Purse launched the ability for individuals to buy and sell new/used goods over a year ago with the initial launch of our Merchants platform. Since then, we’ve been hard at work on building out our backend infrastructure to scale and prepare for all the amazing ideas we have in store for building a seamless bitcoin ecommerce experience.

Today we’re excited to announce the arrival of Merchant Storefronts. Storefronts are a great way for businesses and individuals to quickly set-up shop, and start selling their inventory or personal belongings for bitcoin.

Selling goods for bitcoin has never been easier. Create an account, add items to your inventorycustomize your storefront, and voila — you’re in business. Build a brand for your business, and introduce your products to our expansive and fast growing bitcoin centric user base.

Enough talking, though. Let’s dig into what’s new, this is a hefty release – brace yourself.

Merchant Storefronts

Getting started selling goods online should be painless. Storefronts allow you to better inform your potential customers about your personal brand or business, and allow you to quickly start accepting orders. Set custom profile images, add a customized tagline for your business, processing time, showcase your return policy, and link to your personal website and contact info — all in one convenient place.

Note: Currently, Purse Merchants can only have their goods shipped to U.S. addresses only. We plan to remove this limitation and allow for full international shipping in the future.

Merchant Ratings/Recent Sales

Merchants using Purse will now be able to build a reputation/public facing sales history as well. On your unique storefront, your most recent sales ratings and feedback will be located in the bottom right under “Recent Sales“. Now shoppers who are seeking to purchase your items can see how hard you’ve been working, and can trust that you’ll fulfill and process their order quickly and without error.

If you’re a hard-working merchant that prides themselves on timely processing and delivery, now your customers will know this as well.

Verified Merchants

Ratings only get you so far, though. Especially if you’re a business that already has an established online presence/brand. That’s why we’ve also implemented “Verified Merchants“. Verified Merchants are merchants who’ve been verified by Purse staff, meaning we’ve confirmed they’re the legitimate business they claim to be on the site. An example being Ledger; if you are going to purchase a bitcoin hardware wallet, you’ll want to ensure that it’s shipping from the real company Ledger.

This feature helps ensures that a particular item you purchased is authentic. And, verified merchants gives users even more peace of mind when buying brands they already know and love.

Return Policies/Processing

When creating a product listing as a merchant, you can now set the individual return policy for that item, too. That return policy will then be displayed on that item’s public facing product page. You can also set a public return policy and processing time that will be displayed on your merchant storefront during creation.

Shoppers will also be presented with a link back to your merchant storefront from the item’s product page by clicking Merchant Info. Users can then see your entire inventory, which makes browsing merchant offering easier for shoppers as well.


Product Tags

If you’re a merchant on Purse, you’ll want your items to be searchable when users are shopping and searching for items across the site. We’ve now implemented tags for individual products so your inventory can more easily be found, and purchased as well. This feature will be largely beneficial to power merchants with large and extensive inventories.



Need to list an item that has multiple variations and options, like t-shirts and jeans? Now we support the ability for you to list these items as well, giving you the ability to give your customers the power of choice. When creating a new listing, you’ll simply need to enter in the various options for your given product listing, and the available quantity for each item. From there shoppers on the frontend will see a drop-down menu allowing them to make their selection.

Transaction History Download (CSV)

Just in time for your favorite part of the year, Tax Season! Now you can download your entire transaction history into a .CSV file from your account page. You can then import it into a spreadsheet to more easily account for your purchases. This was a feature that was requested often by our users, and we heard you! This feature is also great for power merchants who need to keep a close account of all their transaction activity to more quickly tabulate sales for accounting purposes.


Get to Work

It’s a lot to take in, we know. We’ve been working really hard, and we’re excited to finally let our customers get their hands on all the new goodies.

With Merchant Shops and our new improvements, you have absolute freedom to build a bitcoin business of your very own. So, go for it – get your hands dirty. Make something beautiful. We believe bitcoin will be a huge boon for ecommerce all over the globe. By selling goods on Purse, merchants can enjoy the same online ecommerce experience they’re familiar with; and enjoy all the pleasures of accepting bitcoin.

No chargebacks, no checks, no need for a bank account or credit cards — selling goods on our platform is a fun and secure way to make living on bitcoin. We can’t wait to see what you have for sale.