Top 10 Books Bought on Purse

Discounts on Knowledge   Knowledge is power, but sometimes knowledge can come at a cost. Enter bitcoin. Thanks in part to bitcoin, and to our discount marketplace, you too can acquire knowledge, on the cheap. Purse users’ love purchasing books on our service: books on programming, philosophy, mathematics, sci-fi, and even bitcoin itself (so meta). […]

Promo: Win a Signed Copy of The Internet of Money (Android)

Feeling Lucky? We recently held a promotion for our Purse iOS app users to win a signed copy of Andreas Antonopoulos’s “The Internet of Money“. It was a huge success, and our winners were pretty excited (that’s putting it lightly). So, we of course want to extend this same opportunity to our new Android users as […]

Purse App is Now Available for Android

Come and Get It!   We’re excited to formally announce the arrival of our official Purse Android app! We released our iOS app back in November, and since then our users are loving the convenience of discount shopping anywhere on the go, taking their bitcoin with them, too. So, of course had to spread the love […]

Product Update: New Year, New Purse Improvements

New Year, New Updates As 2016 comes to a close, we’re gearing up for a knockout 2017. To start off 2017 right, we’ve some fresh new improvements to our platform to debut. You’ve been talking, and we’ve been listening; our Engineering and Product Design teams have been hard at work tinkering and building you the best […]

Building a Safer Purse Experience

New Marketplace, New Methods     It’s been an ambitious endeavor creating the world’s largest online marketplace for Bitcoin. But, since our inception, the team at Purse has been committed to building a use case for bitcoin that people not only loved — but one that felt like a utility, an essential asset to their […]

Promo: Win a Signed Copy of The Internet of Money (iOS)

Enter on Twitter or Instagram Enter on Twitter You can enter to win 1 signed copy of Andreas Antonopoulos’ new book by retweeting this tweet, and replying with a screenshot of the newly released Purse iOS app on your homescreen. Enter on Instagram You can also enter to win on Instagram (or enter on both). […]

Purse is Now Partnered with Coinsecure in India

Further India Expansion Purse is excited to announce another powerful partnership for the growing Indian market, with Coinsecure, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges in India. Through this joint collaboration, we plan to provide their customers with a unique value proposition to incentivize further adoption of bitcoin in this new market. The influx in demand for […]

Building Better Lives with Bitcoin

A Global Effort Purse recently doubled-down on the expansion of its services in India, Latin America and Mexico by building partnerships with Unocoin, BitPagos, and Bitso — respectively. The recent expansion into these key geographic areas was important for not only the long-term growth of Purse, but also important to help spread the word on useful bitcoin use […]

Save 10% Using Buy Now This Black Friday

Enjoy Saving More   Historically, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best days of the year to receive deals on electronics, toys, and games in the run-up to the holiday season. There’s nothing like piling everyone in the car, and rushing to the mall to take advantage of all the big sales […]

Purse App is Now Available on iOS

It’s Here We’re excited to formally announce the launch of our official iOS mobile app. When we started Purse back in 2014, we were committed to making bitcoin a useful form of payment by creating use cases that people could truly cherish and enjoy integrating into their daily lives. Since our inception, the bitcoin space has […]