Product Update: Huge! Variations, Security Improvements & More

Big Update


We love improving our product, it’s a lot of fun discovering what our users want and need the most. That being said, we’ve a bevy of new improvements that we want to run by you and break down real quick.

Authorized Devices

You now have the ability to revoke access from devices that can access your account and are signed in and authenticated from your Security settings. This will ensure you have more control and protection over your account and the funds that reside in your wallet. Bitcoin is valuable, just like the money in your real wallet, and the more security options you have, the better.

Just simply click “Revoke” and you’ll terminate that session. Magic! If you ever see some suspicious sessions, you can kill ’em dead! Bam!


Automated Emails

Again, additional security and protecting your accounts funds is important — so we baked in a new feature for automated emails for account logins. We’ll send you a quick ping when you login and let you know when you’re logged in from a new device.

Ever got a weird email saying you’ve logged in somewhere else? Scary, we know. This will alert you incase anything fishy happens so you can take action quickly to protect yourself.

My Orders Notifications

We renamed “Your Orders” to “My Orders” because we realized that sounded better. Oh, and while we were at it, we added an Unread Messages counter, so you can know there are things in your orders that need tending to. This should help keep everyone on top of their orders more. Ah, the little things…

Item Variations

This one is really exciting. Previously when searching and browsing for items using Buy Now, you’d only see one type of item variation at a time. If you wanted an exact color and sizing it’d require searching for the item on Amazon, and pasting it in the search to add it to your cart… Wow, that sounds really tedious in hindsight (sorry!). Anyways, we did some engineering magic and now you can browse all the options from the page.

That should make shopping via Buy Now a lot more seamless. 👍


Closing Up

That’s all for now. We’re going back to work on more awesome new features and improvements. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to refer a friend to Purse, and tell them about how awesome we are. Once they spend $50 or more with your referral code, you’ll both receive .01 BTC.