Product Update: New Year, New Purse Improvements

New Year, New Updates

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re gearing up for a knockout 2017. To start off 2017 right, we’ve some fresh new improvements to our platform to debut. You’ve been talking, and we’ve been listening; our Engineering and Product Design teams have been hard at work tinkering and building you the best experience possible based on your user feedback.

While we continue work on building you an awesome mobile experience for iOS (Android coming soon, don’t worry), let’s go over what improvements we’ve been working on for the desktop app.

Amazon Tracking URLs

We’ve now added support for Amazon Tracking URLs for Earners when they’re submitting Tracking Information. Simply select “Amazon’ from the dropdown carrier list, and submit the URL to the tracking page.


30-Day Expire Tokens

You love Purse, why would you ever want to leave? We now support 30-day login tokens on desktop and mobile so you can quickly get back to saving money when you need to. (Sidenote: We also added 1Password support on mobile!)

Earn Improvements

Earn page now accurately shows “Level Up Required” after you’ve accepted an order if your Earn level is low. This will help to reduce confusion around Earner levels and limits.


Category Pagination

Shopping for items on Purse is easier now with pagination. For categories with large numbers of items, you’ll now enjoy the ability to endlessly scroll for new items until your heart’s content. Shop till you drop, or until your thumb gets numb.

Frontend Changes

Refunded” state now shows once a customer has returned an item successfully from the order page. No longer will it say “Unknown“. We all know what happened, you returned your item because you wanted to buy more bitcoin ;). We also updated users’ max discount levels under Plans & Levels to accurately match the UI. Plus, more general cleanups and fixes.

Backend Changes

Tweaks and improvements so Customer Support can assist you more seamlessly with your orders (And we hired more Support Staff! Shoutout to their team, they work so hard to keep your orders flowing without issue). Also, fixes for various email notifications and added additional automated notifications for customer orders.

More Soon

All done! That’s all for now, look forward to additional changes and improvements coming throughout 2017. It’s going to be a great year for Purse and bitcoin, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride! 🚀.

And, don’t forget! Your last chance to win a signed copy of Andreas Antonopoulos’ new book “The Internet of Money” ends on 1/7/2017. Make sure to enter on Twitter or Instagram.