Promo: Win a Signed Copy of The Internet of Money (Android)

Feeling Lucky?

We recently held a promotion for our Purse iOS app users to win a signed copy of Andreas Antonopoulos’s “The Internet of Money“. It was a huge success, and our winners were pretty excited (that’s putting it lightly). So, we of course want to extend this same opportunity to our new Android users as well. It’s only fair.

Feeling lucky? Follow the directions below to enter, make sure you do each step required in order to qualify to win.

Enter on Twitter

Want to win? Of course you do! Download our Android app, take a screenshot, and reply to this tweet with a screenshot of the Purse app on your homescreen.



Promotion Disclaimer
Winner will receive 1 signed copy of Andreas Antonopoulos’s, “The Internet of Money“. Winner will be contacted to receive their prize following the end of the contest on 2/17/2017


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