Purse is Now Partnered with Coinsecure in India

Further India Expansion

Purse is excited to announce another powerful partnership for the growing Indian market, with Coinsecure, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges in India. Through this joint collaboration, we plan to provide their customers with a unique value proposition to incentivize further adoption of bitcoin in this new market.

The influx in demand for bitcoin in India following the demonetization of certain rupee notes continues. And, at the same time, demand for value-added services to spend that bitcoin has also emerged from the recent uptick in adoption throughout India.

Through this partnership, Coinsecure users can be directed to try our service to enable them to seamlessly buy products and goods from Amazon, at a discount. This is in combination with our pre-existing partnership with another leading India-based exchange, Unocoin.


Growing Need for Purse

This partnership comes just in time, too. Amazon Mechanical Turk workers continue to need ways to liquidate their excess Amazon gift credit as well. With over 500,000 people working through their Mechanical Turk service, Purse is an excellent way for those users to cash their credit out for bitcoin, where they can easily sell for INR through a local exchange like Coinsecure.

By saving on the everyday items people need in India, individuals can put more money back in their pocket during these difficult times, and enjoy a little peace of mind this holiday season.

Ready to buy bitcoin on Coinsecure and give Purse discount shopping a try? Create a free account at Coinsecure, load up your Bitcoin wallet, and use this link and to get started.

We’ve also compiled a guide on how to buy your first bitcoin on Coinsecure, here.

Don’t forget, Purse is now mobile! Download our official iOS mobile app.