Top 10 Books Bought on Purse

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Knowledge is power, but sometimes knowledge can come at a cost. Enter bitcoin. Thanks in part to bitcoin, and to our discount marketplace, you too can acquire knowledge, on the cheap. Purse users’ love purchasing books on our service: books on programming, philosophy, mathematics, sci-fi, and even bitcoin itself (so meta).

So, we took a look at the data, and compiled the top 10 ISBNs purchased through Name Your Discount and Buy Now. Now you can know what some of the savviest shoppers in the world are reading. And, since they were bought with bitcoin on Purse, you can know they saved between 5-33% off. What a steal!

The List

Education is important, even if you already have a college degree – or maybe you’re a full-time employee somewhere who grinds from 9am-5pm; but grinds even harder from 6pm-10pm, bettering themselves for a new career. Or, maybe you never went to college, and you’re a genius autodidact with a thirst for the truth. Either way, we’re here to help.

Top Books Purchased on Purse

  1. The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos
  2. Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies by Andreas Antonopoulos
  3. Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story by Nathaniel Popper
  4. The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna
  5. The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Digital Age by James Dale Davidson
  6. Harry Potter Paperback Set by J.K. Rowling
  7. The Walking Dead Compendium Volumes 1-3
  8. The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
  9. Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters by Justin Seitz
  10. The Book of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto by Phil Champagne

Learn All the Things

Any of those peak your interest? We’re big fans of many of the books on that list here at Purse: The Sovereign Individual, The Internet of Money, and Mastering Bitcoin are all office personal favorites. They’re must-reads and we recommend them to friends and family all the time.

Need a college textbook? Maybe you want to try your hand at cooking in 2017 and need a few cookbooks? No matter your needs, we can help save you money every day of the week. And, if you haven’t already, download our Android or iOS app to do all your shopping on the go.

Shopping with bitcoin and saving money has never been easier.