Who Is Purse For? How Do People Use It?

The Anatomy of a Purse User


Purse is a paradise for individuals who live for a great deal. Students, parents, teachers, business owners, gamers — anyone who uses the internet to shop, entertain/educate, or empower themselves financially can find a use for our service. Buying and securing bitcoin is a task on its own. But, we make it easy to store your bitcoin, and once you have your hands on some, the possibilities for what’s to come are endless.

The ability to receive borderless payments from anywhere on the globe, and quickly start using that value to buy goods at a discount introduces a new type of utility to the lives of our users’. Whether you’re a student living abroad while you study and need funds from home; a single parent who wants to stretch their hard-earned dollars farther; or an early-adopter ready to opt-out of your local currency, and into the future – our platform is there to help.

A Use for Every Occasion

Taking advantage of our discount marketplace and the ability to buy from Amazon using Buy Now or Name Your Discount is really easy, and there are more ways than one to do it right. Sure, you can save 5-33% off your favorite must-have electronics, clothing and accessories with just a few clicks by using bitcoin or other digital currencies like ether or litecoin, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Gaming: Plans on upgrading your gaming PC to prepare for the future of 4K gaming and VR? Purse allows you to buy all the high-end components you need for your next build, stretching your budget further and enabling you to build a more powerful gaming rig, while spending less.

Arbitrage/Reselling: Many of our users have started full-fledged businesses simply by purchasing popular gadgets and electronics, utilizing their bitcoin savvy and Purse to get them the lowest price possible. From there individuals take the items to places like eBay and Craigslist to resell them slightly below market to easily make extra cash.

Living Life: Some users of bitcoin and other digital currencies have gone completely digital with their income and savings. That means they utilize bitcoin or Purse to buy most everything they need, at a discount. Get everything from cleaning supplies, to home improvement tools; you can live your life normally without ever having to convert to your local currency. We’re also great for businesses that stock their offices with perishable goods regularly (think supplies & snacks) and want to reduce costs.

Gift Giving: Family or friend have an upcoming birthday or celebration? Buy physical gift-cards to their favorite stores, gift-wrap, and party supplies; getting everything you need to make your the occasion cheaper. Buying supplies for your local homeless shelter or wish to donate to a good cause? Now you can save money while giving back, too.


Join the Fun

We’re building a network of savvy shoppers who want to be early-adopters and experience the future, today. Get started using Purse now, and tell a friend. Users who refer their friends receive .005 BTC free once their referral spends $50 or more. Together we can introduce the world to the freedom and utility that digital currencies like bitcoin can provide to the world.