Introducing Purse 3.0: Walkthroughs, Optimizations, & More.

A Fresh Face Purse continues to position itself as as the go-to utility for new bitcoiners and individuals who are fresh to the world of crypto. As always, we aim to create practical use cases and build sensible features that benefit our users — and have fun doing it. Purse remains one of the simplest ways to buy […]

Announcement: Update on Bitcoin Cash

Stick a Fork in It… We made it, it’s over. The bitcoin network has successfully hard forked, and with that came the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Cash was created from the network diverging into two paths; both possessing the same identical transactional history and record, with one (the BCH fork) opting to go a different […]

Purse Plans for Upcoming Forks

Preparing for Change Securing customers’ bitcoin is our top priority, and your funds will be safe at Purse. In the upcoming weeks, we anticipate two forks to take effect, and we wish to communicate what this means to our customers on Purse. Our goal is to balance user experience, transparency, security, and fairness (especially given […]

Product Update: Improvements to Name Your Discount

What’s New We’re back from our Summer vacations’, and the team has been busy implementing new improvements to our one of our most used features: Name Your Discount (NYD). Name Your Discount has been a staple feature on Purse since we began operations over three years ago. And, since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to […]

Build a Gaming PC with Bitcoin

Game On One of the most popular categories for buying items on Purse is consumer electronics, especially high-end components like PC parts. Crypto-enthusiasts often love gaming, and mining (which happens to use a lot of GPUs, sometimes causing shortages, sorry not sorry, we need them). Configuring the perfect build for your next VR-gaming machine can be a […]

Lifestyle: Get Organized this Summer with Bitcoin

Organizational Enlightenment   Whether you’re halfway through your New Year’s resolution, following a Moon Cycle, or preparing to romp the world this Summer (maybe stopping into Burning Man?); whatever your path to self improvement and discovery looks like, nothing helps ease the mind and relax you like a clean, organized, and clutter-free home. Minimalism and organization […]

Gift Giving: 4 Luxuries for Crypto Lovers

Spoil Friends and Family   You’ve been to the mall (people still do that?); you’ve scoured countless online catalogs and Pinterest, yet you still can’t find the right gift for your crypto-obsessed loved ones (or for that matter, one you can afford, we tech geeks like expensive toys). But, don’t worry! Breathe!  Sure buying things for your […]

Product Update: Hot Additions for the Summer

Coming in Hot Summer is right around the corner; that means sunshine, fun-times, and vacations to foreign places (or just to the neighborhood pool). Whatever your budget, and whatever your plans, Purse can help you gear up on the cheap. We’re making it even easier to spend those hard earned digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

Announcement: Purse is Partnering with Mycelium

Making New Friends   Working tirelessly week after week, our commitment to introducing bitcoin to the masses remains unrelenting. However, trying to educate the entire globe on the benefits that bitcoin and digital currencies will bring to the world is quite the task; and, it should come to no surprise that reaching 7+ billion people on this […]

Who Is Purse For? How Do People Use It?

The Anatomy of a Purse User   Purse is a paradise for individuals who live for a great deal. Students, parents, teachers, business owners, gamers — anyone who uses the internet to shop, entertain/educate, or empower themselves financially can find a use for our service. Buying and securing bitcoin is a task on its own. But, […]