Crypto Show joins Purse Affiliate

We’d like to welcome a brand new affiliate to the Purse Affiliate Program today, The Crypto Show: The Crypto Show broadcasts every Tuesday and Friday in Austin, TX on 89.1 FM and 90.1 FM.  The show starts at 9PM.  Check it out at and on YouTube. Special thanks to The Crypto Show for joining Purse’s Affiliate Program.  If you have a […] features Purse

Special Thanks this morning to for supporting  We think that Bitcoin spending is very important to Bitcoin Adoption and we are glad to see that agrees! Check out the brand new and their new AMA with Charlie Shrem going on now!  

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How much I saved using Bitcoin #2 (Shoes for India)

Kind of a departure here for the second edition in this series, How much I saved using Bitcoin, because this time I didn’t buy anything for myself and thus didn’t save anything.  How did I manage not to save anything on Purse?  This week, I tried out the other side of the equation.  I bought […]

How much I saved using Bitcoin5 Purse Offers Many Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities

Thanks to for mentioning Purse in their latest article: Offers Plenty of Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities: is a great way to buy goods from Amazon at a discount, while using Bitcoin. People who are looking to buy Bitcoin through can do so by using convenient payment methods, including credit cards. Despite the […] Offers Plenty of Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities   Bitcoin News

Purse featured in 11 Amazing new apps, gadgets & startups you need by ListHunt

ListHunt writes: Purse is a marketplace that connects users across the globe through decentralized commerce. We build apps on top of the block chain that make it worth people’s time to use bitcoin over every other payment option. We are driving mainstream adoption through 20% discounts on everything on Amazon! Buyers liquidate gift cards or pay […]


2-Way Bitcoin ATM now available at Nakamoto’s Store!

Great news today from Nakamoto’s as we’ve just installed a brand new Genesis Bitcoin ATM in the shop.  It allows you to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin!  Come on down to Nakamoto’s Store at 2415 Mission St, San Francisco to try it out. Special Thanks to Noah and Sarah from XBTeller for helping us deliver this […]


New Multisignature Wallets to improve Security and Privacy

In addition to Purse’s new and improved user interface, we’ve also improved our core wallet functionality.  We’ve now enabled HD multisignature wallets to improve wallet security and privacy for Purse users. Improved Security – Your Purse wallet is now a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet or “HD” Wallet.  But what does this mean for you?  This improves Purse’s overall […]

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Donate Bitcoin to Direct Relief and Help Save Lives

So far, bitcoiners like you have donated more than 4.4 BTC ($1,028), which can help more than 205 pregnancies.  However, our goal is 40 BTC and to help 2,000 pregnancies.  To reach our goal, we’re going to need your help. Please join Purse in supporting ChangeTip and Direct Relief’s Bitcoin donation drive.  Donating even as […]

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How much I saved using Bitcoin #1 — Bright Blue Shoes (20% discount)

Hi there everybody, it’s me again, Thomas, your friendly community manager from  I’m here to tell you about a brand new series on the Purse Blog:  How much I saved using Bitcoin.  Each week I’ll give you a recap and tell you a little story about something I bought on Purse with Bitcoin and at a discount. […]

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How to Save 25% on Gasoline with Purse and Bitcoin

Thanks to CoinTelegraph and Purse user Logical007, the entire internet is learning how much they could be saving by shopping with Bitcoins at  Logical007’s suggestion is a great one: He uses Purse to buy GameStop gift cards at a discount, then he goes to GameStop and trades the gift cards for Shell Gas Cards, allowing […]