Gift Giving: 4 Luxuries for Crypto Lovers

Spoil Friends and Family   You’ve been to the mall (people still do that?); you’ve scoured countless online catalogs and Pinterest, yet you still can’t find the right gift for your crypto-obsessed loved ones (or for that matter, one you can afford, we tech geeks like expensive toys). But, don’t worry! Breathe!  Sure buying things for your […]

Product Update: Hot Additions for the Summer

Coming in Hot Summer is right around the corner; that means sunshine, fun-times, and vacations to foreign places (or just to the neighborhood pool). Whatever your budget, and whatever your plans, Purse can help you gear up on the cheap. We’re making it even easier to spend those hard earned digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

Announcement: Purse is Partnering with Mycelium

Making New Friends   Working tirelessly week after week, our commitment to introducing bitcoin to the masses remains unrelenting. However, trying to educate the entire globe on the benefits that bitcoin and digital currencies will bring to the world is quite the task; and, it should come to no surprise that reaching 7+ billion people on this […]

Who’s is Purse For? How Do People Use It?

The Anatomy of a Purse User   Purse is a paradise for individuals who live for a great deal. Students, parents, teachers, business owners, gamers — anyone who uses the internet to shop, entertain/educate, or empower themselves financially can find a use for our service. Buying and securing bitcoin is a task on its own. But, […]

Product Update: Huge! Variations, Security Improvements & More

Big Update   We love improving our product, it’s a lot of fun discovering what our users want and need the most. That being said, we’ve a bevy of new improvements that we want to run by you and break down real quick. Authorized Devices You now have the ability to revoke access from devices […]

A Cheaper Easter Holiday Using Purse

Basket Full of Savings..   One of the best parts of the Easter holiday, is the fact that you get another holiday where you can rationalize eating as much candy as you’d like. What better way to to shrug off the guilt from your continually growing waistline, than by thinking twice about how much you’re […]

FannyPack: Unzipping the Future of Purse

A New Beginning When Purse began in 2014, we had one mission: Make Bitcoin Useful. Not only can you browse and discount shop from one of the largest marketplaces in the world, you get so much more. You also get the satisfaction of being a savvy, sensible, purveyor of fine deals on the internet; spending one […]

Feature Update: Improvements to Adding Tracking Info

Adding Tracking Info As always we’re continually working hard with each release to make your Purse online shopping experience with bitcoin a breeze. A key component of our platform are our Earners; the individuals who are liquidating gift card balances and completing your purchases so you can enjoy your discounts. When you place an order […]

Purse Partners with BlinkTrade Exchange Network

Expansion to Promote Adoption Purse is excited to announce an extensive partnership that will help to spread our presence even further across the globe. We’re partnering with BlinkTrade, one of the leading, and fastest growing exchange networks in the world. Their network has exchange locations in key geographic areas where bitcoin adoption is expanding rapidly. Through this joint collaboration, […]

3-Days of Deals, Save 8% During our Spring Break Sale

​​Out With The Old… Spring Break is coming for many college students which means Spring is right around the corner as well. This year, whether you’re preparing for the trip of lifetime with your best college friends for a cross-country Euro Trip; or you’re finally getting around to the that big backyard improvement project…Why not […]