Great news today from Nakamoto’s as we’ve just installed a brand new Genesis Bitcoin ATM in the shop.  It allows you to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin!  Come on down to Nakamoto’s Store at 2415 Mission St, San Francisco to try it out. Special Thanks to Noah and Sarah from XBTeller for helping us deliver this […]

HD Wallets4

In addition to Purse’s new and improved user interface, we’ve also improved our core wallet functionality.  We’ve now enabled HD multisignature wallets to improve wallet security and privacy for Purse users. Improved Security – Your Purse wallet is now a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet or “HD” Wallet.  But what does this mean for you?  This improves Purse’s overall […]

donate bitcoin - help people

So far, bitcoiners like you have donated more than 4.4 BTC ($1,028), which can help more than 205 pregnancies.  However, our goal is 40 BTC and to help 2,000 pregnancies.  To reach our goal, we’re going to need your help. Please join Purse in supporting ChangeTip and Direct Relief’s Bitcoin donation drive.  Donating even as […]

How much I saved using Bitcoin4

Hi there everybody, it’s me again, Thomas, your friendly community manager from  I’m here to tell you about a brand new series on the Purse Blog:  How much I saved using Bitcoin.  Each week I’ll give you a recap and tell you a little story about something I bought on Purse with Bitcoin and at a discount. […]


Thanks to CoinTelegraph and Purse user Logical007, the entire internet is learning how much they could be saving by shopping with Bitcoins at  Logical007’s suggestion is a great one: He uses Purse to buy GameStop gift cards at a discount, then he goes to GameStop and trades the gift cards for Shell Gas Cards, allowing […]

Invite a friend to Purse - get Free Bitcoin

We’ve got great news from Purse today.  We’re expanding our referral program so that now when you invite a friend, you will receive a free 0.01 BTC and your friend will also receive 0.01 BTC!  (when your friend spends more than $50 on Purse) How to get your referral code? First, click on your name in […]


Join us tomorrow at Coin Congress in San Francisco, where Purse CEO Andrew Lee will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled Merchant Freedom, Digital Currencies and Mass Adoption. Andrew will be joined by Brian Santos (CEO – eSpend), Steve Beauregard (Founder & CEO – GoCoin) and Justin Newton (CEO – NetKi) to discuss […]


Great news for Purse Instant today as we’ve added automatic tracking information!  This means that as soon as you order on Purse Instant, not only will your items be ordered instantly from Amazon (and with a 5% discount), but you will also receive tracking information automatically. We’ve also got great news for Name Your Discount […]


We’ve got great news this morning from Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Store in San Francisco!  We recently reached out to some of the World’s Youngest Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, the Bees Brothers and asked them if they’d like to sell their Honey, Honey Caramels, Honey Soap and other products at the World’s First Bitcoin Store in San Francisco.  They […]

Last Monday, Purse was featured on ProductHunt.  We rose all the way to the Top 5 and are currently the highest rated bitcoin company on Product Hunt. More than 64% of Product Hunters, perhaps some of the internet’s most earliest adopters, hadn’t tried bitcoin before they signed up for Purse.  Purse gave these users their first bitcoins […]