Purse is Now Partnered with PIA VPN

What is PIA? Private Internet Access (PIA) is the world’s most popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. VPNs assist users with maintaining privacy online. Protecting your personal and private data online is now more critical than ever, and privacy is something that the bitcoin space takes very seriously. PIA’s VPN enables your device to connect to a private […]


Purse & Unocoin Offer Big Discounts for India

Shop Amazon.in with Bitcoin Bitcoin use in India is booming. And, with that comes new opportunities for individuals to experience the power that bitcoin can bring to their everyday lives. Here at Purse, we’re dedicated to providing a seamless online shopping experience that allows you shop online using bitcoin, and enjoy big savings. Recently, Amazon […]


How Can Purse Offer Such Great Discounts?

It’s not too good to be true As it turns out, there is no catch. To understand how Purse can offer such massive discounts, you have to understand the relationship between liquidity (the ability to purchase or sell an asset) and asset prices. Let’s begin with an example. Imagine you owe $1,000 to Alice, and instead of […]


Back-To-School Shop for the Family, Save Big

Looking to Save During Back-To-School? Shopping for the whole family during Back-To-School season can be really stressful; between the all traffic, the lines, spending, and shuffling your family from the Mall to department stores, it cant get hectic fast. But, what if you could get all your Back-To-School shopping done from the comfort of your home? […]


The Smartest College Kids Shop with Bitcoin

Save money, every semester Young adults and college students are some of the most prominent early-adopters of new technologies. And, are also some of the most enthusiastic supporters of bitcoin. Many have now made their way out of academia, and are hard at work helping to build the next generation of financial tools for the world. […]


Free $10 in Bitcoin for Students and Teachers

  Purse Back-To-School Promotion Note: This promotion was originally for $35 in bitcoin, due to the popularity, we have now capped this at $10 in bitcoin for the remainder of the promotion. We originally planned for this promotion to last until 9/12/16 – but due to popularity of this promotion we will be ending it […]


New Features and Updates

What’s New at Purse? We’ve got some great announcements about some new features we’ve been developing. We’ve been working hard to improve our site from top to bottom to ensure the best experience possible for all of our valued users. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the new changes to our site. Here’s a little […]


How to Start Your Own Bitcoin Business 💡

Community of Entrepreneurs Bitcoin has a higher concentration of entrepreneurs than any other community. Reimagining money is important to us, so it’s natural for digital currency enthusiasts to share entrepreneurial spirit. It’s no surprise that Bitcoiners have built profitable businesses on Purse. The idea is straightforward: arbitrage the Purse discount. Step 1: Buy products at a discount on Purse Step 2: Resell these them on eBay, Craigslist, […]


Shopping With Alternative Digital Currencies Using Shapeshift

What is Shapeshift.io? ShapeShift.io is an instant digital asset exchange, and is one of the most popular online exchanges for alternative cryptocurrencies in the world. Their platform allows you the ability to take one digital asset (like Ethereum) and instantly convert it to another. By partnering with ShapeShift, we’re bringing this brilliant service to all of […]

Purse.io integration

How To Safely Be An Early Adopter With Purse Pre

One of the most difficult aspects of being an early adopter is risk. Those familiar with the Bitcoin industry are far too aware of the amount of risk that you subject yourself to as an early adopter of new technologies. The fear of companies suddenly shuttering their doors, hacks, financial turmoil ending in unfulfilled orders; these are […]