Purse App is Now Available for Android

Come and Get It!


We’re excited to formally announce the arrival of our official Purse Android app! We released our iOS app back in November, and since then our users are loving the convenience of discount shopping anywhere on the go, taking their bitcoin with them, too. So, of course had to spread the love to the largest and most widely used mobile operating system in the world, Android.

Spend and save money on Amazon, sell goods, and store your bitcoin — all in one easy to use mobile application. Getting friends and family into bitcoin is even easier now. Send your family, friends, colleagues — anyone, bitcoin straight to the their Purse bitcoin wallet, and they can immediately start spending money and getting discounts between 5-33% off on Amazon!

Stay signed into Purse on mobile, and take advantage of great deals on Amazon, enjoying additionals discount through our platform on top of already great deals. If you’re budget conscious, tight on cash, or just love a good deal- Purse is the killer bitcoin app for you. We’re bringing native bitcoin payments everywhere; creating bitcoin use cases that people can truly cherish and enjoy integrating into their daily lives.

Bitcoin, Anywhere, Everywhere












We believe individuals should be able to live exclusively on Bitcoin. That said, our Purse app is designed to cater to all of your Bitcoin needs. Track and manage your Purse orders on the go, send and receive bitcoin to family and friends, and track your bitcoin transaction history – all in one app. Our Purse bitcoin wallets are built on top of bcoin, our secure bitcoin fullnode infrastructure developed in-house. With it, we can continue bringing you the all the latest improvements to the bitcoin protocol, straight to your wallet.

Key Features:

Buy Now: Enjoy an instant 5% savings on any items bought from Amazon using bitcoin – just add-to-cart and complete your checkout, it’s that simple!

Name Your Discount: Want to save even more? Create Amazon wish-lists, and paste them into the search bar to add them to your cart, and choose how much you wish to save with Name Your Discount to save up to to 30%+! Learn more, here.

Track Your Packages: Placed an order? View and track your pending orders with just a few clicks.

Check Order Status: Are you an Earner who is regularly fulfilling orders? Now you can track order delivery and chat with your customers right from the app — allowing you to stay on top of your orders, and get paid from anywhere.

Get Help: We’ve integrated our support directly into the application. Just click “Contact Us” and let us know your problem, and we’ll assist you quickly straight from the app.

The Purse Android app was a frequently requested addition for our service, and now you can enjoy all the benefits, features of Purse for both iOS and Android.

If you have any issues, please let us know by contacting support if you encounter any bugs or experience any critical issues and we’ll work to correct them as quickly as possible in upcoming releases.