Product Update: Improvements to Name Your Discount

What’s New

We’re back from our Summer vacations’, and the team has been busy implementing new improvements to our one of our most used features: Name Your Discount (NYD).

Name Your Discount has been a staple feature on Purse since we began operations over three years ago. And, since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to make NYD a breeze to use. Easily being able to save money on Amazon and order almost anything you could possibly ever want, globally, is a powerful use case, and to date millions of dollars in bitcoin has been spent completing orders, enabling users to get the items they want, while providing liquidity for Amazon gift-card holders all over the globe.

That said, we wanted to eliminate as much unnecessary complexity as possible so you can quickly get what you need by spending bitcoin (with a discount); enabling you get back to your life and the things that matter most.


Saved Wishlists

Now when you import a wishlist into Purse, we will save that wishlist to your account for future orders so you can quickly reorder items from that particular wishlist. You will also notice that the prompt to submit your wishlist URL has been moved down the Shop page into the new Saved Wishlists section, keeping both of these actions conveniently in close proximity.

This will save users time who reorder items regularly, as our system will periodically check for any updates to your Amazon wishlist, and update it on our end accordingly. This helps to alleviate the need to jump back and forth between the two sites to complete your order.

Modify Wishlists in NYD
Since we can now more closely keep track internally when changes are made to your wishlist, we’ve removed the complexity of creating additional wishlists on Amazon with the items you want over and over. Now you can simply click one of your Saved Wishlists from the shop page, and then add/remove items from your cart prior to checkout.

No more fiddling with Amazon wishlist settings to get your order to go through. Simply select from a saved wishlist, or paste a public wishlist and you’re done. Sounds great, huh?

Saved Addresses

We now save your addresses when you submit an NYD order. This enables you to not have to set an address for every wishlist you create on Amazon. Simply ensure that your Amazon wishlist is set to public upon creation, and we will handle the rest. If we cannot retrieve an address for your order, or if one isn’t submitted, we may then prompt you to save your address to complete your order.


These changes will ultimately enable use to increase the velocity at which our users are able to complete orders; as well as make shopping using Name Your Discount on mobile a lot simpler for new users. Be on the lookout for more improvements coming to Name Your Discount soon.

If you find any bugs, or have any issues, please contact [email protected]