Purse Partners with Bity, Expands in Europe

Teaming Up with Bity

We’ve got a new partnership to unveil, so grab your passport – because this time Purse is going on a trip through the Swiss alps. We’re happy to announce we’re working directly with bitcoin exchange/gateway Bity.com, located in Switzerland.

Bity is one of the leading exchanges in their region (accepting both EUR and CHF); serving the majority of their users in Switzerland, France, and Germany. Bity also operates in countries all throughout Europe; with options to purchase bitcoin and other digital assets like ethereum (which you can also spend on Purse thanks to Shapeshift).

Bity.com is a big fan of Purse and they use our platform regularly; naturally, we’re big fans of Bity, too. By partnering, Purse can increase the number of on-ramps for individuals looking to purchase bitcoin in order to spend them on our unique service.

Since we operate all over the globe, the more accessible it is for individuals to acquire bitcoin, the easier it is for them to discover the usefulness of bitcoin and become long-term adopters of this technology.

Monetary Innovation in Switzerland

Historically, Switzerland has been a hotspot for financial innovation. The country itself is very welcoming of digital currency adoption, and has enacted progressive regulation to assist startups and organizations seeking to build on these breakthrough financial technologies.

Switzerland railway firm “SBB” announced plans in late 2016 to start selling bitcoin from railway terminal ticket machines, showing just how interested firms and individuals in the country are about using bitcoin.

We believe Switzerland is ripe for making bitcoin legal for financial operations in the public sector. The sentiment for bitcoin in Switzerland and surrounding countries continues to trend positive as adoption spreads. Purse sees Switzerland as a potential hotbed for bitcoin transactions in the near future, and we plan to leverage adoption there accordingly — working with Bity.com to help spread the word along the way.


Onboarding for Adoption

If you’re going out of your way to purchase and invest in digital currencies like bitcoin, then you’ll inevitably reach a point where you’ll want to experiment and see what this technology can do for you. Bitcoin usefulness is at the heart of everything Purse builds, and we love to be the first destination that new adopters of bitcoin experience.

Seamless, thoughtful, and quick — saving money on Purse is the best way to discover the power of digital currencies. We can’t wait to welcome all the new users from the various locales Bity serves.

Interested in using Bity? Check out our support page on how to get started buying bitcoin on Bity.com, and start saving money on Purse, here.