Purse Partners with BlinkTrade Exchange Network

Expansion to Promote Adoption

Purse is excited to announce an extensive partnership that will help to spread our presence even further across the globe. We’re partnering with BlinkTrade, one of the leading, and fastest growing exchange networks in the world. Their network has exchange locations in key geographic areas where bitcoin adoption is expanding rapidly. Through this joint collaboration, we plan to promote our service through their exchange platform, in hopes to incentivize further adoption of bitcoin throughout the various regions in which their exchanges operate.

Purse already has strategic partnerships with exchanges across India and Europe.  But, we are focused on expanding into underserved regions primed for growth. And, where bitcoin adoption is burgeoning, or harsh economic controls are restricting citizens of basic essentials — Purse can serve as the utility to help people who are affected by regulation out of their control.


Blink Trade Exchanges and Locations:

Through this joint partnership, BlinkTrade exchange users will be educated on how our ecommerce solution can enable them to seamlessly buy products and goods from Amazon, at a discount; as well as convert unneeded Amazon gift card balances to bitcoin, growing our network of Earners fulfilling orders.

Purse on Foxbit Exchange in Brazil

A Focus on Untapped Regions

Bitcoin adoption is accelerating. Mentions of bitcoin and the various ways people are utilizing bitcoin’s technology to “opt-out” of the current financial system are increasing, too. We want to ensure we can provide these people the ability to live sustainably on bitcoin if they wish, at a discount.

We’re excited about the potential for this partnership and having many new bitcoiners joining the Purse ecosystem. The ability for our users to quickly and easily purchase bitcoin is an important aspect of adoption, and we’re glad to be doing our part thanks to BlinkTrade.